26 March 2008

Takin' Care of Business while Takin' Care of Business

This afternoon I ate lunch at my desk. It was around one o'clock and I had already downed 3 diet mountain dews. Nature being the way it is I went for a stroll to the porcelain cubicle. As I approached the urinal I could hear talking in the stall.

Had this been some crazy person talking to themselves I think I would have ignored it. It turns out though that it was someone talking on the phone while they were takin' care of business. I guess they were takin' care of business while they were takin' care of business.

This must be the busiest person in the world. They don't even have time to make a phone call during the day. They have to do it while they take a potty break.

I wonder if you are talking to an important business contact on the throne how you would explain some of the noises that are sure to come up in the back ground. "I don't mean to drop this load on you..ahh Its a lot of responsibility. I know your work load is heavy but if you could just squeeze out...ewe ah...a little more productivity we could meet our numbers this month...frip... oh that was just a car driving by...water? Just turned on the wiper blades.

I have decided a couple of things from this experience. 1. Never ever ask someone if you can borrow their cell phone for any reason. 2. I know how germs are spread so easy. Contaminate hands, contaminate phone, wash hands, reuse phone, recontaminate hands.

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Map Maker said...

Yet another uncomfortable picture. Your blog should be named, "We're all in tents with porpoises, but don't ask what we're doing in there with them because then you'll be even more uncomfortable than you already are looking at this blog" I guess that's too long of a name. Oh well.