22 February 2008


I have been thinking about scratch-and-sniff stuff lately. I used to love that stuff. Stickers and books that had little pictures that you would scratch and then you could smell them and they would smell like the picture.

One of my friends pointed out that they always seemed to have a skunk one on whatever it was. Who wants to smell that.

Wikipedia says that the sense of smell is easily stored in long-term memory and that it has a strong connection to emotional-memory. So I wonder why they don't use scratch-and-sniff in text books. I would become a genius overnight. If someone wrote a novel and added scratch-and-sniff pictures I bet it would be an instant classic.

Manufacturers should put a scratch-and-sniff on the outside of their products. Imagine if you were shopping at the grocery store and you wondered if you might like a certain flavor of ice cream. You could scratch-and-sniff it and get a pretty good idea of what it might taste like.

Probably don't need scratch-and-sniff diapers, meat or that kind of thing. But then nobody is forcing you to actually scratch the thing.

I look forward to the day when scratch-and-sniff technology will be rediscovered. I just hope the technology isn't being suppressed by the olfactory challenged.

11 February 2008

What to look for in a girl? Hot tattoos?

So I have been riding the bus for quite awhile now and I know a lot of people on the bus from all walks of life.

I like that about the bus. The one thing it helps me remember is that mine is only one perspective on life.

When I was dating I was looking for a woman that I thought would be a good mother, responsible and of course attractive.

But you can see from the following is a conversation I had with one of my fellow bus patrons.

That mine is only one perspective on what to look for in a girl.

fellow bus rider:
"I hope this girl I met is here today."
me: "Oh you met a girl on this bus?"
fellow bus rider: "Yeah, she has really hot tats."
me: "hmm yea, that's what I look for in a woman, nice tats."
fellow bus rider: "Oh cool there she is."
me: "Good luck."

If that isn't love at first sight I don't know what is. It almost brought a tear to my eye seeing this
young couple falling in love.