11 March 2008

Belt Buckles the Size of Plates

So the other day I saw a guy with a buckle the size of a plate. Me being that practical guy that I am, I thought man someone really should make a belt buckle plate.

You could have belt buckle base that would contain a really strong magnet. Then there would be a plate with a nice engraving on the front. On the back you could have a place for a spoon, fork and knife to hook on.

When you went to a restaurant you could just rip the plate away from the magnet and grab the silverware off the back and set your place at the table.

Just think about the looks you would get from the ladies. That's a real man that carries his plate on his belt buckle. You probably don't want to know my idea of where you store the cup. But it can double as..well a cup.

Dinner is served.

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