13 March 2008

Japan Experiments with Whale/Cow Crossbreed

According to this article Japan has experimented with attempts to crossbreed a cow and a whale.

My first thought is wow how they gonna milk that thing? It would be great to get so much milk from just one cow, but you would need a big machine to milk it.

If it lives in the sea would the milk taste fishy? If it roamed the land watch out, you think cow patties are bad now. You could get lost in one of these babies.

Then there are those steak houses that have a big steak that you can eat for free if you can finish it. Well kiss those days goodbye. No one can eat a 1000 pound steak.

I could with enough A1, but who makes a bottle that big?

1 comment:

Map Maker said...

Cow + Whale = CWhale = Quail, we already have those. Silly Japanese.