07 March 2008

Day Light Savings Suggestion

So I was talking with one of my friends at the bus stop about day light savings time and how it sucks losing an hour of sleep.

I personally don't understand why we still follow it. But we came up with an idea that I think will take the edge off the whole situation.

In the spring when we have to loose an hour, we should do it during the week. Probably about 4PM on a Friday would be good. You would be sitting at your desk trying to make it through that last hour of work and through the power of day light savings its suddenly 5PM. Hello weekend.

Brilliant. The Day light savings experience goes from something bad that gets people down, to a sort of holiday. Since you would clock in at 8 and clock out at 5 you would get paid for that hour that you didn't work too.

I wonder if any of the presidential canidates have that as part of their platform?


Map Maker said...

Too bad you weren't on the bus with us this moring. We were savings tons of daylight.

David L said...

I love the idea. It's so brilliant, we wouldn't need any more daylight.