01 March 2008

Energy Pollutions

So I am hearing a lot about Energy Solutions wanting to bring waste from Italy to Utah. I am trying to understand why?

It seems to me the only reason you would dump waste from another community into your own community is if there were a whole lot of money in it for you. Even better if you could dump it in someone elses community and make a lot of money off it.

There is no good reason besides making money to dump other peoples waste here. If the waste makes it here it will just be proof that a lot of people were paid off. How can a government by the people for the people see any logical argument for dumping other peoples crap here? If its our garbage we deserve to wallow in it, but let Italy keep their own waste.

And while I am talking about "Energy Soulutions" formerly "Envirocare"... Why did they change their name? Did people start to realize that they do the opposite of caring for the enviroment? Or did they just get enough bad press that they decided to change it? Having our basketball team play at the Energy Solutions Arena is almost as big of a joke as the "Isotopes" on the "Simpsons".

I guess dumping hazardous waste is one "Solution" to energy. Its not the best one I can think of, but I guess its more honest then using the name "Envirocare".


Map Maker said...

What we need is to be able to build Nuclear Plants that use breader reactors, they take the "waste" and use it to make even more energy. You must really hate the environment if you are so opposed to nuclear energy. Don't you know that the vast deserts of Tooele county were made perfecty for nuclear waste storage? Do you work for the government or something?

Map Maker said...

What have you got against Ramen? You should have seen some of the interesting flavors they had to offer in Brazil. Can you read my comments yet?

Anonymous said...

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