17 December 2008

Success through Seccession

The roll of our federal government seems to have grown beyond what our fore fathers had envisioned for it. Its gotten too big to manage very well and there isn't a realistic way to scale it back. Until now..

The phone company had the solution all the time and we just never saw it. I only pay for the services I want from the phone company. If I don't want callerId I don't have to pay for it. If I don't want call waiting I don't pay for it.

Here is the solution. We all secede from the union. At least in a way. Then the government offers services. If your state wants Federal Protection from invaders then you subscribe to that service. If you want socialized medicine then you can subscribe to that. Welfare, Medicare, Social Security? All services. Need the FBI or CIA for something? Contract them out.

Each state can decide what services it needs and then pay for what they use. Maybe the federal government can give volume discounts to people who use a service more.

Maybe this system would provide opportunities for entrepreneurs who are able to provide services at a better value. It sure would stop frivolous spending. A government that competed for customers would be capitalism at its greatest.

07 December 2008

North Pole Bailout

Santa Claus was in Washington D.C. this week. He was testifying before congress. It turns out that Santa's workshop has been running in the red this year. High fuel prices in the 2nd and 3rd quarters along with the elves unionizing have driven up costs. He is asking for a bailout package of 10 billion dollars.

One of the issues that was brought up by congress was the fact that Santa showed up in his personal sleigh and didn't take a commercial flight.

Hope he gets his bailout before christmas.