03 October 2007

Prejudice in the Fat-shion Industry

I was shopping in my favorite grocery store the other day and I noticed they were selling sports shirts for the local college teams. As I was browsing through them I noticed that they were charging $2.00 extra for the bigger sizes. While I expect the evil empire Wal-mart to do something like this to make more money it broke my heart to see my beloved little grocery store do the same.
You may think its logical because it takes more fabric to make a bigger shirt. If that were so then shouldn't they charge less money for baby clothes?
I just think its a way to squeeze another couple dollars out of the wallet of the portly person. I think it is a sad day when the man tries to stick it to their corpulent customers. Its just another prejudice against the fat.

Fat people of the world unite and take over!

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bhamfam@msn.com said...

Very funny Kirk. I love it. Thanks for putting my links on your site. I love you brother.