05 October 2007

Smoke `em if ya got 'em....Please!

So this morning on the bus I was sitting up at the front just before the seats that are facing the opposite direction. An old lady got on and sat in front of me. Its the closest you can sit to someone on the bus with out sitting on their lap.

My first thought was whew this lady smells like cigarette smoke. Man its pretty over powering. Then a little breeze blew a little smell over that was worse. Sour old lady smell. Whew. I don't know if being old makes you smell more, or if its just harder to get bathed. But I was happy for the smokey smell to settle back in.

I remember an episode of M.A.S.H. where Charles was trying to learn more about what happened when people died. A man is dying in front of him and he asks him to describe whats going on. The man said, "I smell bread baking". Maybe heaven smells like baking bread. I imagine hell will smell like the bus: smoke, alcohol, B.O. and Urine.

If you want a preview of hell ride the bus.

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