27 September 2007

Dead Skin and Dander

Since it has turned to fall the temperature is harder to predict. The bus no longer runs the airconditioning in the evening on the way home. But its pleasant outside and I enjoy getting the breeze from outside coming in through the window. It seemed to me that it would also be healthier breathing fresh air than the musty air of the bus with the windows closed.

But as I look around the bus I start to wonder if thats really true. When I see the wind blowing through someones hair across the bus from me I wonder if I am breathing in that persons dead skin and hair particles. I will probably get hepatitis or some flesh eating bacteria. I guess I could get lice from the seats.

Life is too short to worry about all that. So bring it on. It will just strengthen my immune system until I am unstoppable.

World domination will soon be mine!

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