06 December 2007

Sparking Up a Conversation

This morning while waiting at the bus stop with my bus buddies I heard a terrible sound. It was like someone dragging silverware across the floor only at 35 miles an hour. I looked up and saw an Albertsons truck and underneath it there were sparks flying everywhere. They were spraying out 3 feet from either side of the under carraige. As the truck went by you could see a grocery cart stuck underneath it. It looked pretty cool.
Next time you are in the grocery store and you get a cart that pulls slightly to one side or squeaks miserably, maybe you shouldn't be too upset. That poor grocery cart has probably been through a whole lot more than you might imagine.
Anyway it was the topic of conversation on the journey to work today.


bhamfam@msn.com said...

I actually laughed out loud!! I can just imagine you and your "Bus Stop Buddies". The looks on your faces must have been priceless. I love your blog!

Map Maker said...

Sadly, I get on further down the road and didn't get to see it myself. But I can just imagine those sparks flying.

Map Maker said...

How about that conversation on the bus today huh? You going to write a post about that one?