15 May 2012

Review: KLogR - Till You Decay

When I first read the name of this band my arteries started to harden in anticipation. They were relieved when I found that the band name wasn’t pronounced (clogger), but (kay-log-are).
It’s based on the law of Weber-Fechner: S = K log R ( the amount of stimulus that each of the senses needs to actually be triggered on a cognitive level).

This project is led by Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli (Vocals & Guitars) with Nicola Briganti (Guitars), Todd Allen (Bass), Filippo De Pietri (Drums).

Their new album Till You Decay is a concept album about how society controls and judges us, conditions us and suffocates us. Society uses fear and anxieties to destabilize a person into something more fragile, more controllable and more subservient... till you decay.

The KlogR sound is a cross between alternative rock and alternative metal. It has its heavy moments and its melodic moments. The first song “Live Dying” starts with clean guitars and a lot of cymbals. Then the song kicks into overdrive with crunchy, thick rhythm guitars, driving bass and drums. “Live Dying” cycles through heavy choruses and soft parts with ghostly, airy vocals. The bridge adds more variance and then goes into a cool guitar interlude with some cool wah-wah guitar effects. 

“Bleeding”, the first single off of Till You Decay, starts at ludicrous speed with some frantic solo guitar. A machine gun like drum roll brings it home setting the mood for Rusty’s commodious vocals to take over. The bass and drums really open this song up during the choruses and then bring back the intensity for the verses.

“Young Graves” takes a little detour from the rest of the album. It’s a bit slower and often has a really soulful feel. The bass really shines in this one. I think “Young Graves” really showcases the versatility of the band.

Till You Decay is a gratifying album. The 11 songs on this album show a wide range of vocal ability and musical styles. I like the multiplicity KlogR has to move between heavy and melodic styles within the same song. I find musical journeys in between the vocals a great way to keep the listener engaged.

Listen to Till You Decay your arteries with thank you.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: Live Dying, Bleeding, Young Graves

Kirk Bullough

1. Live Dying
2. Silk and Thorns
3. White Eyes
4. Bleedin'
5. Green Star                
6. Self Loathing
7. Naked Mind
8. You Gotta Know
9. Value of Sin
10. Silted Memories
11. Young Graves

Artist:  KLogR
Title:  Till You Decay
Genre: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal
Release Date: January 30, 2012
Label: Zeta Factory
Website:  http://www.klogr.net/home/

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