09 May 2012

Review: Autumn Electric - If You're Home

Michael Trew (guitars, vocals) met Naomi Smith (keys) at a coffee shop in Seattle. After their first tour they picked up drummer Dan Desrosiers off of Craiglist. They played as a three piece for a year and then hooked up guitarist/film maker Barton Macguire.
The band has recently met their fund raising goals at kickstarter.com and will begin recording a new CD Make Me a Tree in February. In the mean time you can listen to their current album If You’re Home.

The songs from this album are born out of the experiences the band had back packing in the UK and their first national tour in 2009.

If You’re Home begins with the ethereal “In the Redwoods”. The distorted guitar, cymbal rolls and vocal harmonies accented by church bells transport you into a dreamy world of electric folk music. I enjoy the imagery Trew paints of Paul Bunyon carving his name in to a redwood tree.

The percussion in the middle of “Garage Rock” is a creative mix of rim shots and ratchet sounds that make it like you are in a garage. It’s the little things like this that make me think that these guys are probably a lot of fun to see live.

“Alasdair and the Sunwidow” is probably my favorite track off the album. It’s very mellow. This track combines airy acoustic guitars and snare drum and cymbals with brushes to create a soft backdrop for haunting vocals and harmonies.

Trew’s voice is unique and the variety of instruments: melodica (key-flute), mandolin, shakers, brushes, etc… add a lot of texture to these songs. The production is lacking in areas, but that’s to be expected for an indie band that can record and publish a whole CD for less than two grand.

If you want to support a hard working indie folk band give them a listen.

3.5/5 Stars
Key Tracks: In the Redwoods, Alasdair and the Sunwindow, Colorado
Kirk Bullough

1. In the Redwoods
2. Garage Rock
3. Wild Blackberries
4. Alasdaire and the Sun Window
5. Canyons
6. Colorado
7. The Bad Postman
8. Smarter Than Love
9. Letter from Laspatzia
10. Malmo


Artist: The Autumn Electric
Title:  If You’re Home
Genre: Indie/Folk/Rock
Release Date: November 21, 2010
Label: Unicorn Music  
Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/michaeltrew

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