06 February 2009

Earth's Rotation Sagging

I was listening to a science program today that has really gotten me worried. It seems that the The Obesity Crisis in the US is more serious than I first realized. I am not sure if its the lack of exercise, the bad nutrition or a combination of things, but overall our nation is getting heavier.

Its our right to be heavy right? It's a free country. Well that's what I thought. But it turns out that by becoming heavier we are actually causing a problem for the whole globe.

Scientists are saying that the increase in weight is actually causing the Earth's rotation to sag. I am not sure of all the ramifications, but it seems like the Earth's rotation has something to do with the seasons, temperatures and weather patterns we experience on this fine planet.

So forget about fossil fuels and carbon footprints, we need to go on diets. I am no slim Jim myself. So lets all go on a diet together and save the world!

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