25 January 2009

Lawyers Without Borders

I heard about how doctors travel to other countries to provide medical services for the less fortunate and wondered if lawyers did the same thing.

Personal injury lawsuits cover a lot of ground, but the most common lawsuits involve automobile accidents, on the job injuries, negligent health care, medical malpractice, defective products, exposure to hazardous substances and dangerous or poorly maintained buildings and grounds.

It brings a tear to my eyes when I think that there are people around the world that can't enjoy the spoils of a good lawsuit.

Every night when I lay down to sleep I always make sure to kneel down and give thanks to god for being able to live in the USA. The land where we have no shortage of lawyers. I think the reason those other countries are poor is because they don't have personal injury lawsuits to stimulate the economy.

I think if we can organize a Lawyers Without Borders charity, we can share the wealth and joy of a good lawsuit with the worlds less fortunate.
*I am not making fun of these poor kids in this picture. I used it because it shocked me so much when I saw it. These poor kids are from Somalia and by the looks of them they may not even still be alive. Hunger and poverty are serious issues. :(

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