25 November 2008

Insurance Reforms

Something weird happened to me. I wasn't really going to share it with people because it makes me sound like an idiot. But I am so angry that I have to tell someone.

About a month ago I was sleeping in my bed. I had the window open to let in a nice breeze because I like the cool fall breeze at night. Anyway while I was sleeping I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched. I was half awake so when I saw two giant black eyes peering at me through the window I thought I was just dreaming.

I went back to sleep and in the morning everything was normal. I would have left it at that. I would have thought that nothing happened and it was just a dream. But here is the part that really makes me angry.

I got a statement from my health insurance company yesterday. In the explaination of benefits it had charges from these nocturnal visitors. I never asked for an anal probe. And what's more my insurance wouldn't cover it because they are an out of network provider.

I am so mad! I'm not going to pay it. I'm not even sure where I would send a check anyway.


Map Maker said...

You're right, you shouldn't have said anything about it.

Lance said...

You need to get pre-approval for any out-of-network procedures.