28 July 2008

Theaters Unfair to ADHD Sufferers

I took my family to see Wall-E a couple of weeks ago. I think there was about a paragraph of dialogue in the whole movie. But that isn't what I wanted to blog about. When I bought the tickets it occurred to me that even though I am paying for 5 seats, I get the children's seats cheaper than the adult seats. I don't think that as an adult I am getting any better service from the staff at the theater. I don't get extra padded seats. I don't really get anything of any extra value that the kids do. In fact, kids actually should cost more than adults because they are noisy, they can't sit still and they can reduce the value of the experience for adults.

So am I saying they should raise the price of tickets for children at the movies? No, I just think they should charge less for adults or provide something extra for the extra money that adults pay to see a movie. Also last time I checked 14 year old kids weren't adults, but I pay the adult rate for my 14 year old daughter...oh wow I just figured the whole thing out. They charge more for people that actually can sit still through the movie because they actually are seeing more of the movie. My 2 year old pays less because he only sees 5% of the movie. The rest of the time he is running up and down the isle.

If this is the reason than there should be a discount for people who are ADHD.


bhamfam@msn.com said...

That picture of the ADHD kid is hilarious. In this case a picture IS worth a thousand words!

The movie prices bug me too. they would never let a 12-year-old see an R-rated movie. You are not an adult until you are 18, but when they are taking your money they are happy to call you an adult!


Map Maker said...

What the world needs is a lot more dollar theaters, because then you don't care what happens because you are thinking, I only paid a buck for this! I've been wishing that they would turn the old theater on the highway into a dollar theater. I went there once and the theater on the south side of the building is about as big as a big screen tv, but still costs more than the new theater at the north end of town.