17 April 2008

Uppercase and the Upper Class

i went to my daughters kindergarten orientation tonight. they gave us hints of things we could do to prepare our children for school. one of the things they said was not to teach your kid to right their names all in one case.

it made me wonder why we even have capital letters and small letters. whats the point? the only real reason is to show that something is important. like a persons name or the title of something. i think they were created by someone who needed to feel important.

look at the states, the most important city in the state is the capitol city. the 'most important' letters are capitals.

capital letters are stuck-up. they think they are better than the lowercase letters. i bet if you were a lowercase letter that was attracted to an uppercase letter its parents would disapprove of you. they probably wouldn't let their uppercase progeny date a lowercaser.

if you are a lowercase letter you come from the wrong side of the sentence. lowercase is equal to lower class. uppercase is equal to upper class. its the whole caste system in linguistics.

i think the time has come to streamline the alphabet by doing away with capital letters. capitalism was a great system in its hay day, but i think its time to overthrow the uppercase.

power to the people.


Lance said...
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Lance said...

O.K., let me try this again...
If a lower case and UPPER case 'couple' reproduce, what case is the off-spring?

Map Maker said...

children should learn lowercase letters first, both in reading and writing. if you teach them how to form a lowercase c, they are already on their way to forming a b d e g p and q. also, the majority of letters you read are in lowercase, so it facilitates reading. teach them uppercase first (like they do in public school, children's books, childern's television, etc) and you are practically forming a hurdle that you will later have to overcome. lowercase all the way baby.

Kavorka said...

If a lower case and UPPER case 'couple' reproduce, what case is the off-spring? cursive?