21 April 2008

Gym Class / Running in the Halls

When I was in High School I thought it was lame that gym was a required class. I used to think that the district was overstepping their authority by making me take it. They want to make sure I get enough exercise? Who is watching their exercise? Next thing they will want to make sure I am eating right too. Oh wait they did do that as well. With the school lunch/breakfast programs and it seems like someone was always trying to replace the candy in the vending machines with healthy snacks.

After I got home from school I would hangout with my friends. We played basketball, football, Frisbee, tennis, skateboarding, biking and ran a lot to get away when we pulled pranks or threw water balloons at cars.

Now I think kids get home from school and either sit in front of the computer, the television, the video game console or maybe even do homework.

Because of this I have changed my mind about gym being a required class. Not only should gym be required, I would take it even further and suggest that they encourage kids to run in the halls. That would give a kid 9 times a day to get a little cardiovascular workout. Students and Faculty would probably have to wear helmets and pads to avoid injury, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks.

But remember no "Running With Scissors".

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Map Maker said...

Nice collection of helmet photos. Did you know I can tell the future. Your next post will be on video games and blaming them for stuff. I remember tennis on the old Atari and Test Drive on the computer. Those are some of the really early ones I remember. I'm sure I could remeber others. Oh, here comes one, Ski or Die, do do do do dooo do do dooo do do do dooooo. Scorched Earth. Mike Tyson's Punch OUT! I know I know, these all came about when you were graduating high school, but deal with it.