11 February 2008

What to look for in a girl? Hot tattoos?

So I have been riding the bus for quite awhile now and I know a lot of people on the bus from all walks of life.

I like that about the bus. The one thing it helps me remember is that mine is only one perspective on life.

When I was dating I was looking for a woman that I thought would be a good mother, responsible and of course attractive.

But you can see from the following is a conversation I had with one of my fellow bus patrons.

That mine is only one perspective on what to look for in a girl.

fellow bus rider:
"I hope this girl I met is here today."
me: "Oh you met a girl on this bus?"
fellow bus rider: "Yeah, she has really hot tats."
me: "hmm yea, that's what I look for in a woman, nice tats."
fellow bus rider: "Oh cool there she is."
me: "Good luck."

If that isn't love at first sight I don't know what is. It almost brought a tear to my eye seeing this
young couple falling in love.

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Map Maker said...

Wow, that story is pretty tame based on what you could have told. Sorry for ruining your day by saying that soda is bad.